List of Issues

Pro- Guns

I am a proud supporter of the second amendment. I believe every law abiding citizen should have the ability to defend themselves and their families. Gun owners have the right to confidentiality and the government should not infringe on this right. 


My main priority in Congress is to reform the education system in North Carolina. The education system has the ability to end poverty, increase job creation, decrease the per capita spending on health care, and increase the morals and values in our Country. Implementing health education as a core curriculum will teach children about their physical, mental, and emotional health. This will increase the likelihood of children making wise decisions pertaining to their health. In return, society will see a society filled with healthier adults.


Anti- CRT

Critical race theory is un-american and should never be taugh in the school systems in our Country. CRT instills division and hate in the heart of our children and causes our children to hate each other and to hate our wonderful Country.

Pro- Life

I believe in the sanctity of all human life and believe that abortion is murder. When I became a teen mom, I knew it would be difficult to be a young mother, but abortion never crossed my mind. As Americans we have the duty to protect the life of the unborn and make sure that they live a happy and safe life. 


I believe that taxpayer dollars should not be used to fund the murder of unborn babies. I also believe that if a baby is born alive during an abortion procedure, medical attention should be given to that newborn. 

Foster Care System

Choosing to put children up for adoption instead of having an abortion brings our attention to the foster care system; a system everyone tends to disregard. It is needless to say that the foster care system needs to be funded and quality improvement measures need to be implemented. These children need to have a good life, a life worth living. The children will turn into adults that may end up in the same cycle and we cannot allow that to happen; they are also our future. 


This country was founded and built by immigrants, but this is a new age and therefore new measures need to be taken. It is important to secure the southern border and implement humane policies that return people back to their country in a swift manner.  It is also important to allow the people who are already contributing members of society a more affordable way to become citizens of this amazing Country.

The individuals who are already in this country without legal status should be prioritized over refugees. Most of these individuals are family and friends that are already contributing members of society.

I do believe that chain migration and visa lotteries must come to an end, temporarily. Our focus should be on the individuals who are already in this Country. 

Ensuring Election Integrity

In order to ensure election integrity we must implement voter ID requirements. This will ensure that the public trust in the election process and in the public servants elected into office. 

Clean Water & Clean Air

Over and over again, we see organizations polluting our land and our air and footing the bill to clean up their mistakes to our people. It is time to stand up to these giant corporations and demand a higher quality of environmental safety standards. Big business's careless approach to environmental safety standards and overall reckless behavior must come to an end. 

We should know something is wrong with our government when they choose to side with big business over the health of our citizens. This is the only planet we have; in what shape will it be when we leave it to our children?