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I am Jen Bucardo and like you,  I am proud to be an American. I was born in California, but I was raised in North Carolina. In North Carolina we teach our children about the rights we have as citizens, and we also teach them about the responsibilities that come with those rights.  

As an North Carolinian, I learned that we have the responsibility to stand and fight for our Country when we see that our country is being led down the path of self-destruction.  As a concerned mother, business woman, and advocate I feel morally obligated to fight for the conservative values we hold dear in North Carolina.  

During college, I watched politicians instill fear in our people and bring about chaos in the streets. They created a division within our country and within our people. Unfortunately, our people keep electing candidates whose only purpose is to continue playing politics and instilling fear in our people. Their only concern? To get re-elected.   

I dont know about you, but I know that as a mother, I do not want fear to be the driving force of this great nation. I believe that our nation still has the ability to come together and become the greatest nation this world has ever seen. A nation where our people stand together and work towards building a world where we can all live in peace. 


Jen Bucardo

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We need more Women in Politics!

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