Jen Bucardo

Promote Unity & Heal our Nation
for Congress 2022
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Dear Families of North Carolina, 

In March, you will have the privilege of choosing your preferred Republican candidate for this district. If you want a representative who will prioritize the needs of your family and children, who will take a mother's perspective to congress, and who will fight for the conservative values of this nation, I am your candidate! 

While obtaining my degree in Health Care Management from Winston Salem State University, I saw the need for improving the health of all Americans. I found that many health issues and even some moral issues are preventable and can be addressed from k-12 in schools. As your congressional representative I plan to prioritize the needs of the families and the children in North Carolina.


As a mother of three beautiful children,  I know the importance of being the voice of the innocent.  I know many will think I am very young, but I've been a mother for the past 14 years. Becoming a mother at a young age forced me to scrutinize my stance on abortion and family values. Throughout these years of motherhood I have followed the the political agenda of all parties; my conclusion: Congress is missing the perspective and the voice of a mother to fight for our children and their future.

My childhood was not an easy one and I had to grow up fast, but I know that this was part of God's plan. Through my life experiences, I now have a unique perspective of life that will be useful in representing my fellow North Carolinians and their children.


I believe wholeheartedly  that educating our young and protecting our elders should be our top priority  as conservative citizens. The future generations depend on the decisions being made by congress TODAY. I believe that reforming the education system can help every child thrive regardless of their race, religion, and socioeconomic status. If you want a representative who is ready to bring our people together and stop the division, vote for me in the primary. I am ready and will be honored to be your representative. 

Jen Bucardo